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Coping With Lyme Disease by Denise Lang

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Coping With Lyme Disease is a timely book written to help people learn more about this serious illness.

Find out why this book is a must have.
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The Story of Rosie Brown-Cooley

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Hear the fascinating story of Rosie Brown-Cooley!

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Former Mayor Reveals Nightmare

Life was a joy for Pat Pepper, a highly successful business woman and former mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida, until she contracted what she was told was ALS. She later discovered her illness was caused by Lyme disease.
Hear her story play.gif - 1727 Bytes

Dr. Anthony Lionetti is the guest on this edition of Another View. To listen,click.play.gif - 1727 Bytes

Lyme, A Lover's Disease?

Can Lyme be transmitted from one spouse to another?

Find out by listening to this. play.gif - 1727 Bytes

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Teenager, Erin Morissey talks to her pediatrician Dr. Charles Ray Jones, about what she experiences as a result of suffering from Lyme disease.

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Is there any danger in eating deer meat? Find out now!play.gif - 1727 Bytes

When Lyme Disease is Out of Control play.gif - 1727 Bytes

Is your body being overwhelmed by toxins? Learn more from ophthalmologist, Dr. Kenette Sohmer.

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Book Chronicles Patient's Battle With Lyme

Hear Susan Umphress discuss her book which chronicles her daughter's battle with Lyme disease from the beginning until the tragic end.
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Alternative Lyme Treatment

In this segment, you will hear Dr. Richie Shoemaker discuss a treatment he is testing for use in the battle of chronic Lyme disease. play.gif - 1727 Bytes

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Lyme Disease and Panic

In this intriguing presentation, Dr. Virginia Sherr, a psychiatrist, talks about the role Lyme disease plays in causing feelings of panic.
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Thanks in part, to the generosity of WB 17 in Philadelphia, you can hear the late, Dr. John Drulle discuss Lyme disease. play.gif - 1727 Bytes

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