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I was diagnosed with Lyme in 12/01 after
4 years of no answers. United in prayer God will hear us
and answer with healing comfort and mercy. Rosie, NJ
Rosie, NJ

I've had Lyme disease for 5 yrs.
Please pray for me to have the strength to make
it each day and not get any worse from this
horrible disease. Thank you. Lisa

Please pray for me. Have had lyme disease
and Ehrlichia disase since 6/96. I'm so lonely!
Please pray for healing and that God will send
me a husband! God bless you.

Please pray for me I have chronic Lyme for a year
and am not responding to IV or other antibiotics.
I constantly think of suicide but feel that God
has more for me to do. Donna-Santa Barbara


Please pray for my daughter, Carlie,
mother of 3, and in late stages of Lymes. Misdiagnosed
for many years. We are trusting God for a miracle, and
waiting, sometimes not very patiently we confess. Carlie's mom.

Please pray for my 6 year old daughter Jordan
who has been diagnosed with late stage lyme disease.
She is currently on IV and we are believing in God for a miracle.
She's so special. Her mommy

I am on my 3rd antibiotic in 3 months, trying to beat this disease.
I have two young children, ages 3 and 5, who
need a HEALTHY, Happy, Mommy again.
Please pray for a cure. Thank you, Missy

I am a 16 year old girl who has Lyme for 4 years
Please pray for me. My parents are going through a divorce.
My father is verbally abusive and
doesn't think I really have Lyme disease.
God Bless you all, You are all in my prayers. :)

Please pray for my return to health from Lyme.
I have been in much pain and we (husband, two children).
have lost our home due to financial difficuties associated
with this lyme battle.
Please free me from pain that I do not grow in selfishness.
Catherine Dasbach Thank you.

We would appreciate prayers for our 20 year old daughter
who is PCR positive for Lyme and Babesiosis.
Abby is in chronic Lyme do to the lack of
diagnosis for several years. Asking for prayers for
Abby, for physicians who are valiently trying to treat the
multitude of Lyme patients while suffering
adversely and prayers are needed for members
of the medical profession who are reluctant
to be educated about Lyme.
Family of Abby Thomas :)

I have been suffering with Lyme for over
6 years and have tried so many therapies.
Please include me on your prayer list. Thank you..
Holly Moore

Family of four with Lyme including
dog need prayers. Tammy

My father passed away .
Please pray for our family - prayers are smiles for our spirit.
Love ya.Huggs..Jean

My daughter Jordan is 8 yrs old and was
just diagnosed with Lyme. Please pray that the 3 weeks
of antibiotics will be enough.Thank you.

Please put me in your prayers, for
Lyme has tried to cripple me, and not just
my body, mind, finances, but also family support,
because they don't understand. In Christ. Susan

My name is Linda LaPlante, I and my 3 children have chronic
lyme disease, passed on to them at birth, been sick
since 1984, brain spect show lost in left side brain,
blindness, can't drive, lost $35,00 yr job, lost friends.
Church has turned their back think I am crazy, and.
feeling self pity, paralyzed but slowing regaining,.
heart problems, eye pain unbearable, all three children sick.
Prayers needed.

Please pray for me.
I have pain and
swollen in my whole body..
My name is James.

I have Lyme D (misdiagnosed for years). I have panic
attacks and thoughts of ending my life. This is very
far from who I truly am. My husband Tom now has Lyme.
Please pray for God's healing power to touch us. Catherine

Misdiagnosed for 16 years, disabled for 12
and now the diagnosis of late stage Lyme Disease.
There is little support from family or friends.
Prayers needed. Pat

We just found out my 5 year old grandson has Lyme.
Doctor says it is nothing once he takes the antibotics
for 3 weeks. This doesn't fit with the information we have been told.
Please pray for him, his family, our family and the doctors. Pam

I have had LD for 6 years,
2 and a half undiagnosed .I am im pain
everyday. I tested positive for rheumatoid arthrities & lupus.
I would be so grateful for everyone's prayers! Kathy Odle

Please put me on your prayer group.
I've had lyme for a year. Jill Neimark
My Webpage

Please pray for me for I have
been misdiagnosed for 4 yrs now.

I need your prayers so that I will be lead to
a doctor and a cure for my newly diagnosed infection,
however, I have had the disease for three years
now and I am now considered chronic. Chere' gosney

Please pray for me. I have chronic
lyme disease and it won't leave me alone.
We ALL need prayer of this EVIL disease. Karen

Please pray for my daughter Erica, age 10 for
her young life to be energized again. Pray for my
family. 4 out of 5 members have had Lyme.
Please send us some angels. Robin

Please pray for my daughter she is 3 yrs.old
& has had Lyme since birth. Help me get
over my guilt for giving her this awful disease.
Please let her little body fight the battle ahead of her.Her mom

My mother-in-law Judy suffers terribly from lyme
disease. She is truly an angel on earth who is
suffering a terrible fate. Please pray for her.

Please pray for my grandfather who is deathly
ill in the hospital. He tested positive
for Lyme through a spinal tap, although
the docs ruled it out. -Scott

Have lyme, not much support, people around
me in denial for a long time, have special
needs daughter. Hard to keep up. Please pray
for me and my family. "Kelley & Colleen"

Michael was diagnosed with Lyme over
10 years ago and his symptoms are still
progressing. Please wish him well or say a
prayer. Thank you.

I have Lyme along with my 14yr old son & 9 yr old
daughter. Please pray that we will get well.
We have been sick for 5 years

Please pray for my friend Terry in Washington
who is very ill from lyme disease.
He suffers terribly every day.

My sister has had the disease for several years.
She works every day with small special needs
kids. She is in pain a lot of the time.
Please put Sissy on your prayer list.

Please pray for 48 yr old Janet Valenta in PA,
She is in a nursing home (quad)and diagnosed
with ALS. Received positive Lyme test in 7/99.

I am a 48 yr old diagnosed with Lyme since 1993.
My husband & 2 daughters have been treated with
IV Please pray that they stay well & that I achieve
a remission.Thank you. Helen, John Jessica & Kristin

Please pray for my husband Tom.
He has been misdiagnosed with Lyme for over two years.


I have late stage Lyme and I am really scared.
Please say a prayer for me that IV antibiotics will do the trick.
I have 3 children who need me!Thanks, Kim

I can no longer work & my husband lost his job.
I also have a 10 year old daughter & I'm
concerned of congenital Lyme. Please pray for
my family and myself. Kristi Thurman

Please pray for my precious daughters who were
diagnosed with Lyme disease & co-infections,
along with their mother. Please pray for a cure
to be found. Thanks for the prayers one and all.

Pray for my sister kathy and her husband jim.
kathy has colon cancer.

Please pray for my husband Mike.
He is suffering from autoimmune arthritis
which we believe has come from the Lymerix Vaccine.

Suffering from lyme for about 4 years. .
Pray that I can get the help I need.

Hi, my name is Kami I am 32 with Chronic LD. .
Some days, I can barely find the strength to go on.
Pray that God will heal our broken bodies
& return them to whole once again. God Bless.

Please pray for me.
I was misdiagnosed for 6 years.
Please pray that my treatment is successful.
Gina Williams

Please pray for my best friend, Damien T.
who was just been diagnosed with Lyme and
is very sick. phone: (973) 503-4670
Krista Travisano Benefits Asst.

I am 43 years old, have had Lyme for 12 years, but just diagnosed.
Pray for my treatment I'm about to start. That it helps heal me
thru the power of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for 48 yr old Janet Valenta in PA,
She is in a nursing home (quad)and diagnosed with ALS.
Received a positive Lyme test in 7/99.

I have just been diagnosed with Lyme although I have probably had
it for a while now. Please pray my symptoms will lessen.
Thank you so much. God Bless! Denise

Please pray for my husband Jeff. He has had over 3 bouts in 3
years with Lyme and Guillian Barre Syndrome.
It is so hard to deal with sometimes.
I don't know where else to turn. Thanks. Denise Urban:)

Please pray for my dad, who has Lyme disease. He has had
several health problems including a triple
by-pass, hip replacement and back surgery.
Especially pray for relief from his headaches. Debby Meeks

I have had Chronic Prostatitis for 7 months.
This apparently incurable disease causes constant pain
I have a wife and 3 children. Please pray for me. Chuck

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 10 yrs ago
& Have been struggling with fatigue & panic.
Am asking for prayers of strength and courage.
I have fought thoughts of suicide. Thank you! Becky

Please add my friend Bonnie to your prayer list.
She is in her late 60's. She is dying of cancer, etc. Write to:
Bonnie Jennings, 469 West Avondale Road West Grove, PA 19390

Please pray for a friend Dan.
who has Lyme

Hi I am Joyce Williamson. I have ALS.
I can't do anything for myself. I am widow
having trouble paying doctor. He said I had I had 6 months
to a year. Pray for me and my family.

My daughter Jill has been suffering with Lyme for two years.
She now has impaired vision, cannot walk without using a cane and
can no longer work. In God all things are possible! JS

She is only 3 and has Lyme.
Her name is Evan.
Please pray that her Lyme goes away.

Please pray for My 4 year old daughter who has had lyme since birth.
and for me. I have learned a lot about faith through her.
God Bless everyone of us. Julie

Please pray that my joints are healed and
restored to perfect, painless function -- from rheumatoid arthritis.
Thank you and God bless you. Love in Christ, Young Woman in USA

My 12 yr. old daugther, Madelyn Owens, who was infected nearly
3 yrs. ago and was diagnosed 5 months ago. She is on long term iv
antibiotics. I pray that God will heal her not only physically,
but provide her a strength of character, wisdom and spirit
to sustain her through this ordeal and to enable her to serve Him.

Please pray for my son Sam and me.
He now has a leaky Aortic valve and he is only 17 months old.
Bless you. Cathy

Please pray for Lynn who has Lyme disease.
She has had serious emotional and physical problems recently
and she is in extreme need of prayer.

Please pray for me, and for others who have this mysterious disease
We need to pray together and work together to find a cure.

Please pray for my 18yr. daughter who is very sick from Lyme
disease. My husband and my 11yr. old son have chronic lyme also.
Pray for the healing of their bodies and for our family's finances.
Thank you, and God Bless you all! Love and prayers, Judy

I have been battling lyme disease for more than 6 years.
I know I can get better. With God all things are possible.
Please add me to your prayer list. Thank you, Marian

I have been fighting Lyme Disease since 1992.
Please pray for me and please let us all pray for a cure.
A cure is what we all so desperately need. Thank you so much. Stephanie

Please pray for me, I have been suffering with Lyme for 12 yrs,
been treated twice and now they say possible MS.
I'm also suffering with Osteoarthritis, bulging disc. Sandy

Please pray for Bob who was recently diagnosed with Lyme.
He will need to find another job as he is unable to stay
at his present one. He needs wisdom and direction.

I am trying to fight this disease.
I have 2 children and a wonderful husband who need
me back in their lives. Please pray that those who suffer from
will find some comfort and they will not lose to this disease.

My name is Mike Middleton. I've had Lyme since March 87.
Tried everything with little success. Your prayers would be appreciated.
Thank you. God bless.

Please pray for my wife: age 47, 2nd grde teacher, mom of three.
She is suffering from heart pain, headaches, breathlessness,
fatigue, abdominal disorders, muscle aches, & anxiety.
All this ten years after being treated for
Lyme Disease in Alabama. Help! Allen

Please pray for me. I am having a real struggle
with career changes and fighting this disease.
Thanks Marilyn-My email address is

My aunt and cousin have had chronic lyme disease for 5
years now. Their insurance company has denied paying
for the medication. Please pray for them. Thanks-Michele

I would appreciate your prayers for our family.
My husband has had Lyme for 12 years and is in a nursing home.
My 14 year old son has it for a second time and is being treated. I was just tested today. And, last but not least, our dog has had it twice. God bless you all and you are all in my prayers.

Please pray for my healing and comfort while I have been suffering with Lyme Disease. Thank you and God Bless, Cara

I have CFS and need all the prayers I can get.


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